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Agency Program & Staff Spotlight - Volunteer Program



Overview: Volunteer Program 

There are many ways to donate one’s time and talent to assist the ministries of Catholic Charities across the Diocese of Charlotte.  Each of our locations of Catholic Charities has unique needs and opportunities for those interested in volunteering.  Please visit our web page for more information:  According to Catholic Charities 2017 statistics for the 2017 year, a total of 381 volunteers contributed 28,512 hours of volunteer service to the support the ministries of Catholic Charities.  

A dedicated team of Volunteer Coordinators (located in Asheville, Charlotte and Winston-Salem) helps the agency further its mission by recruiting and screening volunteers, placing them in positions to utilize their skills and talents, and scheduling their time.  It is the volunteer coordinators who are responsible for maintaining the agency’s strong volunteer program. 


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