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The Struggle is Real…

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seems too overwhelming? No matter what you do it seems like more things just keep piling on to your plate. And when you think you have support from family and friends, you learn that they have their own responsibilities to deal with... This is how some of our pregnancy support clients feel. They may already have a young child they’re caring for; be struggling to pay their rent and utilities; or may be dealing with relationship issues, and then learn they are expecting a child. Who can they turn to for support?

This is the case with Katie. She came to Catholic Charities asking for assistance as she was eight months pregnant and feeling overwhelmed. She had been asked to leave from her parents’ home and was not able to work due to her pregnancy. She was staying with her sister but would not be able to remain there long term after her baby was born. She had a strained relationship with the father of her baby and felt she could not rely on him for consistent support. As she continued to meet with the Social Worker at Catholic Charities, it was discovered that the support she thought she would have from friends and family was not there. She truly felt alone. Through her work with Catholic Charities, she was able to identify resources to help her parent her daughter successfully. She felt as if she had someone to rely on for additional support. She no longer felt overwhelmed. 

Catholic Charities is here for support. We provide pregnancy support/counseling to expectant parents who need an extra shoulder to cry on, someone to turn to in their time of need. Someone who can help them sort out priorities, and look for resources to help them be the parent they yearn to be for their child. No one should feel like they have to go through a pregnancy alone. While it may seem overwhelming at first, Catholic Charities can help decrease some of those feelings of helplessness and increase those positive feelings of self-worth. For more information on how we can help, please contact Ms. Mishaun L. Mitchell, Pregnancy Support/Adoption Social Worker at (704) 370-3222.


By Mishaun Mitchell,

Pregnancy Suport/Adoption Social Worker 

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