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Naomi Leng

Naomi Leng (Chawi Leng) 
Bilingual Case Aide for Employment Services

Obtaining employment to be able to take care of their families is one of the biggest challenges for refugees. I am so grateful that I am able to help them meet this challenge. My job as Bilingual, Case Aide for Employment Services at the Refugee Resettlement Office has given me an opportunity to work with people who have the same background as mine. It inspires me to do my best. I can relate to their stories, challenges and hopes. I arrived in the USA as a refugee in 2012 and I am in the process of becoming a US citizen.

Lack of English language ability sometimes can be frustrating for our families. I am happy that I am able to be that bridge to connect our families with our employers by interpreting in their languages. This gives our families confidence and makes them comfortable with the employers. Assisting our families to obtain employment and seeing them become successful are the driving forces that inspire me to do my job every day.

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