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Healing After Sudden Loss: A Burial Assistance Story

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Each day Catholic Charities touches the lives of our community.  From time to time, the people we serve want to share how their lives were changed because of our work.  This story comes from the heart of a Mom who just before Mother’s day had to face the death of her unborn child.  Catholic Charities was there for her to walk with her on this difficult journey.

“My life has not always been easy, I came to the area for a better life for my children and myself.  I am a young mother of three children and I was expecting. When I went to make my visit with the Doctor, the doctor expressed to me that I was going to have a baby girl. I was so filled with joy, this was going to be my very first princess.  After 24 weeks, the doctors told me they couldn’t hear a heartbeat and that my princess was gone. My heart dropped, I was in such shock I did not understand it and I became very sad. I did not know where to turn or how to cope with this.  The hospital told me about Catholic Charities and I reached out to them for support. When I called, I was still emotionally unstable and I had not had the conversation with my three boys. How was I going to explain to them that I would no longer bring their first sister home? It took me a while to deal with this. I had no family here and all I needed was guidance, support and healing. After my visit with Catholic Charities, I met with the lady and she treated me with kindness and God’ s love.  I felt loved again. She told me that I could choose cremation or burial and I decided to do cremation so that I could always have my princess with me. After we completed everything, I l felt that I could push through this and I found the support and guidance that I needed through Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities is the reason I did not give up on my boys and after that, I felt healed. I feel so blessed to be able to still have my princess with me each and every day. Thank you Catholic Charities.”


Article by Sharon Davis
Charlotte Regional Office Director

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