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Hope + empowerment + goals = Case Management

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“Most of the most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” - Dale Carnegie

After many years in the nonprofit field, I firmly believe that the secret formula to help our clients achieve their God Given potential is Hope + Empowerment + goals= Case Management. Hope is a powerful feeling, and a powerful tool to inspire our clients to take action, to take that first step, to reach out for help, knowing that there is somebody, a relative, a priest, their spouse, a social worker, an agency believing in them, supporting them and walking the journey with them.

I have learned that case management is an intricate process that involves assessing the individual’s needs, identifying their strengths as a tool to help them reach their goals, and knowing realistically the barriers preventing them succeed. Furthermore, since I started working with Catholic Charities I learned that a Social Service provider/case worker means something different. It means to establish a relationship of trust, to be able to put myself in my client’s shoes and walk their walk. Understanding their situation, their circumstances, their background everything that create our lives, it helps me to better develop an action plan for my clients. Why? Because it makes me think what would I do in that situation? And when I am able to answer that question is when I have my AHA! Moment and I start working with the family to come up with creative solutions to provoke a transformational change and long term goals.

I have been working with Robert, a client that have been coming to our Food Pantry for over 3 years. Robert is a 28 years old male, recently became a first time dad and with no hope, goals or desire to accomplish anything but to meet the minimum basic needs. As I was walking by the Conference Room during food pantry, he stopped me and said: I know that logo, that agency helped me get my ID so I can come to Winston-Salem. I gave him a big smile and said: Oh my gosh, how awesome!! After food pantry was done, I felt in my heart compelled to call him and ask him how he is doing. I called him the next day and he said: Ma’am. I am about to be a dad, I don’t have a job, can’t barely feed myself and my girlfriend, please help me! There was a moment of silence and I did not know what to say. While I was trying to get myself together I said: Robert, you are going to be ok, and you are going to be an amazing Dad, you can do this!. As I heard a sigh of relief, he said thank you and HOPE gave him and new opportunity to see a better future… to be continued….


By Eniris Riddick, MA
Direct Assistance Coordinator


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