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Refugee After-School

Children living in refugee camps and war-torn countries have limited access to education. Refugees arrive in the country often years behind the educational standards considered average. It is important to supplement their education to ensure success, both in the classroom and in adapting to their new home.

Refugee children receive home work assistance, enrichment, and mentoring in the Catholic Charities after-school program, Refugee School Impact Program. Begun in 2006, the program is available to refugee children who attend public school from ages 6-18 years.

During the school year, services include an after-school program for middle school clients that meet two days a week and an after-school program for elementary school clients that meets two days a week. The after-school programs focus on homework completion, tutoring, help with reading, and activities to reinforce English skills. Themes covered in the after-school program vary to some degree, but generally include topics related to health, safety, nutrition, and the interests of the program participants. Parents participate in an orientation and case coordination to help them and their children take advantage of educational opportunities and achieve academic success. Teachers report that students in the after-school program achieve and maintain an A/B average.

Summer program info :

1) A Newcomer’s ESL class is held during the summer for refugees ages 6-18 arriving in April, May, and June. (a 5-week ESL class for newly arrived refugees)

2) During the summer we offer a 5-week summer camp for refugees who have been in the U.S. up to 5 years

3) 5-week orientation program for newly arrived refugee youth ages 12-18 and their parents.

Ultimately, Catholic Charities hopes to assist and empower refugee families to realize their academic potential and achieve their educational goals. Many refugee children complete post-secondary education.

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