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Burial Services

Catholic Charities assists families with limited resources in making arrangements and final plans for a family member. To apply, please call 704-370-3262 and ask to speak with a social worker for Mecklenburg County or 828-255-0146 for the Asheville area.

Program Origins

When Mecklenburg County discontinued funding to assist with burials in 1994, Catholic Charities convened with concerned citizens, social work professionals, funeral home directors, and the director of the City Cemetery to develop a burial plan for Mecklenburg County residents.

An agreement was made among Catholic Charities, the participating funeral homes, and the City Cemetery Department to provide funeral and burial or cremation services to families in need.


This program serves families who have no insurance, are unable to negotiate financial arrangements with a funeral home, or do not have the finances to pay the costs associated with traditional death expenses. The deceased must have been a Mecklenburg County or Asheville area resident to be eligible.

Administration for the Program

Catholic Charities provides social service support and eligibility verification for the program at no cost. The agency has continued to administer the program since its inception, regularly reporting to funding sources and undergoes a yearly audit.

Program Funding

Applicants are asked to contribute to the program as much of the cost of the burial as possible. Financial assistance is provided through charitable contributions from individuals, churches, and other civic organizations when families cannot cover the cost. The cost for burial is $1,100 or $600 for cremation.

The most significant financial support comes from generous people in our community.

To pay for services online, please click payments.

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