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Pregnancy Support

If you are having a baby, you may be in shock. You may feel denial, anger, fear, confusion, or embarrassment.

You may not think you can deal with this unexpected event in your life, but you can because you have the strength and courage to make the decisions that you think are in the best interests of your baby and you. Take a deep breath, remember you are a good person, and give us a call.

Our experienced social workers are here to listen and provide compassion, respect, encouragement, and support. We will meet with you for as long as necessary to help you make the decision you think is best for you and your baby.

We are here to support you without pressure and offer the following services:

Every step of the way, Catholic Charities is here to support you, and provide encouragement and understanding. 

It’s OK. You don’t have to know today what you want to do. You have some time to sort this out. Your family and friends may make lots of suggestions. Some of those suggestions may be helpful to you and some may not. You may feel pushed to make one decision or another.

We believe you have positive options that value of the life of your baby and will help you feel good about yourself and make you proud of the choices you made for your baby.

If you are considering whether you are the best prepared to take care of and provide for your baby, there are many questions that have to be answered. Working with our experienced social workers, you will look at your dreams for the future. You and your social worker will explore your ability to finish your education, get and keep a job, and be good parent. Most importantly, you will explore how you can give your baby the care he or she needs and deserves.  We’ll help you look at what’s in the community as resources to help you be prepared to be a good parent.

There are so many things to consider, remember you are not alone.

For further information, please contact us at 704-370-3262 or email us at

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