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Refugee & Language

USCIS Information on Security Measures Regarding Refugee Admission into the United States 

Catholic Charities welcome newly arrived refugee families to Charlotte. Refugees are victims of war, political upheaval, religious, economic or ethnic persecution. They are forced to leave homes, families, friends, jobs and possessions to stay alive. Most flee to neighboring countries where they are confined to refugee camps for many years. A fortunate few have an opportunity to resettle in other countries, often far from their homeland and with many challenges like a language barriers, culture differences, different job opportunities and educational requirements.

We provide services to help refugees adapt to their adopted homeland by becoming self-sustaining and productive members of their community.

These services include:

The office also provides:

Instruction in English as a Second Language is available through referrals to the community college. Catholic Charities began a youth program in 2006 for refugee children who attend public school.

The primary goal of the resettlement process is to help refugees work toward self-sufficiency and as contributing members of society and, eventually, attain their citizenship.  Refugee’s determination and perseverance is evident as they regain their hopes and dreams to live and thrive in Charlotte.

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