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Looking for work in TRANSLATION & INTERPRETATION? Do you meet the following criteria?


If you are interested in joining a select group of professional translators and interpreters, send your resume to:
Fax: 336-714-3232


Our Services

Since 1990, the Winston-Salem office of Catholic Charities, formerly known as Casa Guadalupe, has provided quality, professional interpretation services to the Piedmont area. In an effort to continue bridging the language gap between agencies & service providers and the Limited English Proficiency community in our area, the Translation & Interpretation Enterprise (TIE) – a Catholic Charities enterprise – will expand the scope and reach of language services offered in the Winston-Salem area and western NC. TIE is a full service translation and interpretation enterprise, servicing the market with trained, qualified, professional translators and interpreters across a diversity of languages, cultures and areas of expertise. TIE provides language services in social service, medical and educational settings among others.  TIE also offers interpreting training programs.

Our language services include:


Contact us at or 855-995-3343 for information on rates or to request a language service customized to your needs.

All proceeds support Catholic Charities’ outreach efforts to provide social services to the community in need.
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