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The Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Relief Services Programs, programs of the United States Catholic Bishops, are offered in the Diocese of Charlotte through Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte.  Within Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte, the CCHD and CRS Programs are housed in Catholic Charities’ Office of Social Concerns and Advocacy.  The programs are coordinated by the Director of Social Concerns and Advocacy, who serves as the CRS Diocesan Director and CCHD Diocesan Director at the behest of the Most Reverend Peter J. Jugis, Bishop of Charlotte.  In addition to the CCHD and CRS promotional work of the Office of Social Concerns and Advocacy, CCHD and CRS receive widespread promotion in the Diocese of Charlotte through the publication of articles on CCHD and CRS in the diocesan newspaper, the Catholic News Herald.

2023 Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte Local CCHD Grants….With financial support from 25% of the funds raised in the November CCHD Collection, Catholic Charities annually offers local grants to fund non-profit projects in the Diocese of Charlotte that are fighting poverty at the grassroots level.  Funded grant projects must target the root causes of poverty and related social concerns.  All grant applicants and projects are reviewed for their conformity to Catholic social doctrine and require a local parish endorsement.  It is advised that the grant applicant request the letter of endorsement with enough time to ensure that it is part of the final application submitted.  Final grant decisions aim to reflect the geographic spread of the Diocese of Charlotte.  The Grant Guidelines and Application are available to download at and are available here in WORD and PDF.  The deadline for receipt, via email, of 2023 Local CCHD Grant Applications is Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023 Grant procedures and applications for National CCHD Grants are available on the CCHD web page of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB),

More on CCHD…The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) remains one of the U.S. Catholic Bishops primary efforts to fight poverty at the grassroots level. It works to end the cycle of poverty here in America by funding organizations that help individuals help themselves. Since 1970, CCHD has funded some 4,000 programs across the United States. The annual CCHD national collection, held in November, is a source of both national and local funds to support organizations addressing the root causes of poverty in America.  75% of the CCHD collection distribution goes to the CCHD national headquarters at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to support CCHD National Grant funding.  The 25% of the National CCHD Collection that remains for use in the Diocese of Charlotte enables the Catholic Charities CCHD Program to offer Local CCHD grants to non-profit organizations (including both diocesan and non-diocesan non-profit organizations) that are headquartered in the geographic area of the Diocese of Charlotte and are fighting the causes of poverty at the grassroots level within the geographic boundaries of the Diocese of Charlotte.  All applications from non-organizations must be endorsed by the local Catholic entity (see Grant Guidelines and Application for further information).


Does your parish help run a food pantry, operate a thrift store, or sponsor an emergency services program?  Perhaps you parish or school has ministry that provides assistance at Thanksgiving or during Christmastime, offers meals for those who are homeless, or sponsors a school backpack program that helps provide nutrition to children in need.  If so, consider applying for a Catholic Charities CRS Rice Bowl Mini-Grant for up to $1,000 in grant funds.  For every three dollars of Rice Bowl funds sent to CRS for overseas projects, one dollar remains in the Diocese of Charlotte to help fund poverty and hunger fighting projects of diocesan Catholic entities.  Projects must target hunger and poverty in communities in the Diocese of Charlotte.  Only one grant can be submitted per Catholic entity and grant applications must be reviewed and signed by the pastor of the parish, principal of the school, or director of the diocesan office applying for the grant.  Catholic Charities will be accepting applications for CRS Rice Bowl Mini-Grants in the spring of 2023.  Complete and signed applications will be due, in scanned PDF, by the email deadline of Monday, April 17, 2023.  Application documents will be available on this web page on March 1, 2023.

CCHD in the News in the Diocese of Charlotte

Since Opportunity Threads, a cut and sew worker cooperative in Valdese, NC, first received National CCHD Grant funding in 2012, a second organization in the Morganton area, The Industrial Commons, also received CCHD Economic Development Grant funding.  The success of both Opportunity Threads and The Industrial Commons has received notice in Diocese of Charlotte publications, USCCB CCHD publications and in the Nonprofit Quarterly.  (See below).  The Industrial Commons is helping the transformation to produce safety gear (Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] in response to COVID-19).

The Carolina Textile District (CTD), a network-based enterprise of The Industrial Commons headquartered in Morganton, NC.  A governing and founding member organization of the CTD is Opportunity Threads, a worker-owned, cut and sew company, based in Valdese, NC.   Read here an article from the Catholic News Herald May 22, 2020 edition about this this manufacturing transformation led by CTD.

The work of Opportunity Threads and The Industrial Commons has also been highlighted in Helping People Help Themselves newsletter and a Working on the Margins promotional letter issued by the U.S. Catholic Bishops:

Interested in buying Personal Protective Equipment from the efforts promoted Carolina Textile District (part of The Industrial Commons)?  Go to this link for more information:

POVERTY USA – Learn more about Poverty in January

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) seeks to raise awareness of poverty across our nation, and to this end the USCCB highlights January as “Poverty Awareness Month.” Learn more about the USCCB poverty awareness campaign by visiting On this website you will find a Poverty USA Tour video that presents the difficult struggles faced by families living at the poverty line. Also on the website you will find an interactive map of the USA that explores and compares the extent of poverty at the state and county levels. The map also shows places where National CCHD grants are making a difference in the fight against poverty. We can fight poverty by rekindling the spirit of community with those in need — and joining in solidarity with all Americans to break the cycle of poverty forever. When you visit you can learn more about the wide array of effective steps that can be taken toward ending poverty. Find here quotes from Pope Francis on Poverty

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) & CRS Rice Bowl

Catholic Relief Services (CRS), founded in 1943, is the official overseas relief and development agency of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and a member of Caritas International.  CRS alleviates suffering and provides assistance to people in need in over 100 countries without regard to race, religion or nationality.  Visit for more information.  Help to End global poverty and world hunger with Catholic Relief Services.

The diocesan Catholic Relief Services program raises awareness of the inequities of our world and the daily struggle for survival by so much of humanity. Your contributions to the Rice Bowl, Work of Human Hands and Food Fast initiatives support CRS operations in over 90 countries.  When calamities such as earthquakes, floods, and famines strike, CRS also makes special appeals for disaster assistance, and the people of the Diocese of Charlotte respond generously.   In the Diocese of Charlotte, the primary activity of CRS is Rice Bowl. During Lent, participants in parishes and schools reach out in solidarity on a global level through activities that promote prayer, fasting, learning, and giving.  25% of the funds raised by the Rice Bowl collection remains in the diocese enabling Catholic Charities to offer mini-grants to diocesan entities sponsoring local initiatives on poverty and hunger alleviation.

Thank you to all the diocesan parishes and schools that participate in CRS Rice Bowl, through prayer, education, and almsgiving.  You are invited to watch CRS’s Rice Bowl videos at:  Click on Stories of Hope tab at top of web page.

CRS Rice Bowl Collection – Funds Remittance Procedures.  CRS Rice Bowl parish and school coordinators are encouraged to remind parishioners and students during Lent and for several weeks after Easter Sunday to submit their CRS Rice Bowl collections to the parish/school, making their checks payable to your parish/school. Parishes and schools should then send in, in one lump sum (by the end of May at the latest) the collected CRS Rice Bowl Collection funds to the Diocese of Charlotte Finance Office, 1123 South Church Street, Charlotte, NC 28203. Parish and school checks should be made payable to the Diocese of Charlotte, with CRS Rice Bowl in the memo section. Some parishes in schools choose to send their CRS Rice Bowl remittances directly to CRS headquarters in Baltimore. In the event that a parish or school sends CRS Rice Bowl funds directly to CRS in Baltimore, it is kindly requested that an e-mail be sent to indicating when such funds were sent to Catholic Relief Services (approximate date is fine) and indicating the dollar amount of the funds sent. Please email or call 704-370-3225 if you have any questions.